Alpha Tango FEATURES

It's is far more than a body cam. Look at all of the capability we've packed into this one little package!

Reacts to Police Events

A police officer has more on his mind than whether or not the camera is recording. That's why the Alpha Tango responds to police events automatically. When the Alpha Tango senses any police event, it will begin recording. If the video is already rolling, it will tag the video with the event information

Store Locally or in The Cloud

If your agency wants to maintain their own data center, great! The Alpha Tango can send the captured video over a trusted network to your storage center. If you need more space, still great! SAINT Police Systems has a FIPS compliant cloud server with the industry's lowest prices.

Connects to Existing Systems

The Alpha Tango works with any existing CAD or Mobile software -- regardless of vendor. That's how it senses events such as when an officer is marked on scene. But it does more than that, it can also pull information off of FAR reports, dispatch messages, and even DMV and NCIC runs. Think of it as a full-featured extension of the MDC.

Live on a 4G LTE Network

Tha Alpha Tango is a cellular device that runs on a secure and encrypted 4G LTE network. It is GPS enabled so even if an officer goes down, help can find him. Messages can be relayed as the incident unfolds to ensure officer safety at all times.

How Does It Work?

The Alpha Tango operates within three alert levels. Level green is its standby mode, meaning available but not operational. If an event happens that is recognized as a "readying" activity (e.g. officer is En Route to call), it triggers a change to its Yellow Alert Level. At this level, the camera begins recording in a 30 second loop.

Whenever anything happens that is recognized by the Alpha Tango as a police event (as defined by the agency), it shifts into its Red Alert Level. That means the camera is now active -- the recording has started -- beginning 30 seconds prior to the event trigger. A Red Event is something such as: the dispatcher setting the officer's status to "On Call", a sudden movement by the officer, or the officer drawing a weapon, etc.All of the incident is recorded in HD Video. As the events keep coming, the Alpha Tango keeps recognizing them. The additional events will be inserted into the recording so it can be used to establish a solid timeline -- invaluable for training or legal purposes.




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